Identifying and Treating the Root Cause of Disease

At Panacea Biomedical Institute, we believe that healing occurs at multiple levels and we utilize Quantum Medicine as a tool to foster the body’s innate ability to heal. Quantum medicine is a field of medicine that incorporates principles of quantum physics into the understanding and treatment of illness and disease. It is based on the idea that all matter, including the human body, is composed of energy and that this energy can be influenced and manipulated using quantum principles.

In quantum medicine, the focus is on identifying and treating the root cause of disease at the quantum level rather than simply treating the symptoms. This involves using techniques such as biofeedback, light therapy, sound therapy, and other forms of energy medicine to help restore balance to the body’s energy field.

The human energy field, also known as the aura, is composed of different layers or levels of subtle energy, each with its own unique frequency, vibration, and function. While different traditions and systems may use different terminology and categorizations, here is a commonly recognized five-layer model:

This is the most tangible layer of the energy field, and it is believed to correspond to the physical body. It extends a few centimeters to a few feet from the body and is associated with physical sensations, movement, and health.

This layer is sometimes called the “energy body” or “etheric double” and is thought to correspond to the life force energy that animates the physical body. It is associated with vitality, health, and the functioning of organs and systems in the body.


This layer is associated with emotions, feelings, and relationships. It is thought to be composed of emotional energy and to extend a few feet from the body.


This layer is associated with thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. It is thought to be composed of mental energy and to extend several feet from the body.

This layer is associated with higher consciousness, spirituality, and transcendence. It is thought to be composed of spiritual energy and to extend beyond the physical body and other layers of the energy field.

It is said that the aura has many different chakras which are energy centers, or portals in the field. They are located along the central channel of the body from the top of head to the base of the spine. They are conceived of as whirling, wheel-like vortexes through which universal energy flows into and out of a person. In Chinese Medicine and ayurvedic tradition, meridians and nadis are subtle pathways or channels within the body through which energy flows. In conventional medicine, these are referred to as the different branches of the autonomic nervous system. Regardless of terminology, once these channels are blocked, the energy fails to flow into the body, and can lead to illness.

Please refer to list of services for descriptions of various Quantum modalities offered by Dr. Marcelo and her team at Panacea Biomedical Institute.


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