Hydrogen Inhalation

Discover better health through hydrogen breathing.


Within our bodies, every cell is encased by a membrane, serving as a gatekeeper to regulate the passage of particles. Hydrogen, being exceptionally small, effortlessly permeates these membranes, slipping through microscopic gaps to access our cells. Notably, hydrogen possesses the unique ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to exert its influence within our cells, where its true power unfolds.

Operating at the nuclear gene transcription level, hydrogen triggers our cells to produce potent free radical scavengers like glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. These enzymes act as elite defenders, tirelessly neutralizing harmful free radicals. Intriguingly, hydrogen targets the Nrf2 pathway—a crucial regulator of antioxidant activity. Remarkably, pharmaceutical research focusing on drugs to combat neurodegenerative diseases is exploring agents that also interact with this pathway.

Furthermore, hydrogen impacts intracellular signaling, prompting cells to dial back processes that generate harmful free radicals and reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Although the specific cellular mechanisms driving these changes remain under investigation, ongoing research aims to unveil the precise pharmacodynamics.

It’s this profound impact at the cellular level that allows hydrogen to influence a myriad of biological processes and disease states. Like a master key, hydrogen unlocks the body’s essential systems, maintaining balance and bolstering immune function.

Utilizing a hydrogen therapy machine to inhale hydrogen gas enables this influential molecule to swiftly disperse throughout the body, offering promise in the treatment of various health conditions.

Inhaled hydrogen has demonstrated numerous health benefits and is generally considered safe based on extensive human and animal research. Moreover, hydrogen has earned GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status from the FDA, with studies dating back to the 1940s indicating no reported toxic effects from hydrogen consumption.

Hydrogen is entirely natural, and our bodies naturally produce up to 10 liters of hydrogen gas daily, primarily in the colon by gut bacteria. This innate recognition of hydrogen at a cellular level underscores the effectiveness of hydrogen therapy, as our systems are inherently attuned to its presence.

At Panacea Biomedical Institute, we combine Oxygen and Hydrogen gas (the combination known as Brown’s gas is 66% hydrogen and 33% hydrogen). Our inhalation device delivers up to 3000ml/minute of pure mixed gas flow. The oxygen and hydrogen gas mixture is inhaled via nasal cannula. We also offer an ophthalmic application of the gas mixture via eye googles.

Link to scientific studies: https://molecularhydrogeninstitute.org/scientific-studies/