Thurne Method

The Thurne Method, developed by Swiss-born Claudia Thurne, is based on ancient Chinese medicine practiced in the Shaolin temple. This method integrates notions of ancient medicine, quantum physics, shamanic studies of the Amazon, and contemporary Transgenerational analysis (Family Tree).

It consists of tools and specific protocols that eliminate the ailment from the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. It allows for the correction of energy imbalances that cause health problems. It also harmonizes and empowers the individual in an integral way in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

At birth, we arrive with a life program, the internal software of our karma, the inheritance of our ancestors, and our cultural and social codes that affect us, usually unconsciously.

The Thurne Method’s main objective is to help heal by erasing memory programs that do not let us move forward, such as pain or suffering, and to renew our software with convenient programs that help us make the right decisions to act and live fully.

The Thurne Method opens us to other planes and allows listening and intuition to appear naturally with the biological computer at total capacity. The “master programs” are activated to make everything harmonize, balance, and heal in our being.

Patients are awake and alert at all moments. Sessions begin with a relaxing meditation in which the patient invokes to his/her physical body his/her Superior Self and Divinity. The practitioner opens the patient’s subtle body and then utilizes kinesiology (muscle testing) to help identify energetic blockages. Gentle hand movements are made to clear the blockages and erase old programs.

What are subtle bodies?

Most of us are unaware that our physical body is not the only body that we have. We are multi-dimensional beings with many subtle bodies. Our subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies and energetically interact with the physical and non-physical worlds. Our subtle energy cannot be observed with traditional instruments, but it is a study of quantum physics. Across other cultures, the energy is referred to as Prana (Sanskrit), Qi (Chinese), or Ki (Japanese). The life force energy transcends time and space, connecting all life.

All sessions are live in person or virtual. Initial therapy is at least 2 hours but may last up to 4 hours. Follow-up sessions average 1-2 hours, depending on progress. No set number of treatments is required as this form of energy healing should be ongoing. Noticeable changes can be felt even after one session, but sustainable changes may take multiple sessions. Most patients are seen initially and then every 2-6 weeks for several sessions, graduating to a few times per year for maintenance. Cases of severe mental or emotional conditions average 20 sessions for significant transformation.