Psycho-Cardiovascular Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method that promotes a trance resembling sleep that allows for changes in behavior by heightening susceptibility to suggestion. We can conceptualize hypnosis as a psychological state or as a set of attitudes and mental processes.

Psycho-Cardiovascular Hypnosis connects the brain’s electromagnetic field with the electromagnetic field of heart through energetic, subtle, and vibrational means (Quantum Medicine).

Under a state of conscious relaxation, the patient is guided to identify the frequencies and rhythmic variants of their heartbeat. This allows the patient to perceive scenarios that help assimilate clues of information to get to the source of the disorder or disease and fix it. There is an impact on the psyche and therefore an opportunity to reprogram the entire informational constitution of the sufferings.

Main Differences

Traditional Hypnosis Psycho-Cardiovascular Hypnosis
Mind filters to information present Elimination of all filters as the heart can access all levels of consciousness
Information that blocks origin Cardiac rhythm connects to origin directly
Increased time to identify program Fast and efficient results through patient’s own conscience
Temporary Results Permanent Results

What to expect during a session?

Sessions are live, face-to-face, or virtual and last 60-90 minutes. Patients choose a comfortable position either seated, reclining or recumbent, as they are guided through phases of relaxation, meditation, imagination, and visualization. Each session begins with energetic tuning and pranic breathing; energetic, quantum, and subtle openings; brain hemispheric connection; pineal gland activation; stimulation of brain lobes; and connecting heart and brain. Patients are then guided by their own heartbeat rhythmic variants to root cause(s) and allowed to change and reprogram information through imagery and visualization, resulting in their own healing. Patients remain awake and alert in a meditative state throughout the session.