NES Health miHealth Device

NES Health also makes a handheld biofeedback device called miHealth, designed to help restore balance to the body’s energy field. miHealth uses advanced technologies such as biofeedback, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and microcurrent stimulation to identify and correct energetic imbalances in the body.

The NES Health miHealth device can address various health issues, including chronic pain, stress, fatigue, digestive issues, etc.

During a NES Health miHealth session, the device is placed on specific points on the body to deliver gentle microcurrent and PEMF stimulation. The device also uses biofeedback to monitor the body’s response to the stimulation and to adjust the treatment as needed.

The NES Health miHealth device is often used with other NES Health technologies, such as the NES Health scan and NES Health Infoceuticals, to address the body’s energetic imbalances comprehensively.

In this video, you’ll hear all about the background and benefits of using the miHealth from Olympic athletes, clients, doctors, and NES Health Co-Founder Harry Massey himself.