Energy Neuropsychophysiology of Movement (ENM)

Energy Neuropsychophysiology of Movement (ENM) is a novel therapeutic approach in which a facilitator creates a spiritual connection with Source. The Source generates a specific frequency that, when interacting with the physical body, establishes a translation that manifests through movement. Movement carries with it energy and information that impact the therapist or another physical body, and in that impact, the movement is replicated, thus carrying out the therapy.

N.E.M. is a therapy that, through energy and movement, the therapist or consultant experiences three processes that occur in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body: Release, Regeneration, and Healing.

Dr. Marcelo discovered this technique after mentorship with Mexican energetic healer, Albert Cuaro. Through extensive spiritual practice he channeled this form of energetic healing.

This therapy has been studied and channeled by Mexican energetic healer, Albert Cuaro since 2013. It’s merged principles from Carlos Castaneda’s teachings (A Separate Reality, Tales of Power, The Eagle’s Gift, Journey to Ixtlan, and more), Philippe Schwiderski’s “New Therapy”, Dr. Michael Cotton’s “Source Code Meditation”, and Dr. John Amaral’s Network Spinal Analysis (popularized by Netflix show The Goop Lab episode: The Energy Experience.”

During a session, all parts of you (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), will be healing through energy synchronization guided not by practitioner but by Source. The practitioner is not doing anything to the patient or “fixing” them in any way. Instead there is a dance between practitioner and patient, both guided by Source to create optimal healing.

Who can benefit from ENM?

Anyone who is looking to enhance their wellbeing will benefit from ENM. Some people have a physical symptom (pain, fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal upset, etc). Others seek ENM to help with their anxiety or depression, and others simply seek to remove stagnant behaviors or patterns in their life.

What to expect?

You will either sit, lay or stand during sessions. Everyone’s experience is unique. Some notice a lot of energy movement while for some it’s more subtle. Some patients experience more range of breath, others more range of movement. Some experience temperature or visual differences and it would not be uncommon for the mind to remember old patterns or memories. Each session builds on the next with the goal to perform an upgrade so that you heal and grow.

Are emotional releases possible?

The body has a natural defense mechanism of storing memories when we lack the energy to cope with them in the present moment. These experiences are often stored in the nervous system, spine, and other areas of the body. This stored trauma can eventually lead to physical conditions such as muscle tension, pain, and even mental and emotional illnesses. As the law of conservation of energy suggests, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Thus, the energy in the body must be stored somewhere, and it can manifest in various forms if not addressed. During a ENM session, accumulated tension or trauma may be released within the nervous system, enabling us to experience emotions that were previously suppressed.

How many sessions are required?

Recovery from trauma is a highly individualized process, and its trajectory isn’t always straightforward. While some people may notice immediate changes, others may need more time to see progress. It’s important to remember that healing is a gradual journey, and there are no shortcuts to sustainable change.

Just like with any major lifestyle shift, improvements take patience and perseverance. If your goal is to lose weight, can you expect to shed 20 pounds overnight after just one day of healthy eating? If you’re aiming to build muscle, can you expect to see results after just one workout?

For many individuals who receive ENM, it becomes more than a treatment option—it becomes a way of life. Similar to how we prioritize exercise and nutrition, regular EMN sessions can help people maintain and grow in health. The process of discovery, transformation, and awakening that comes with ENM limitless, and offers a lifetime of potential growth and healing.

DISCLAIMER: ENM is not a substitute for medical treatment.  It’s a powerful tool to assist in your growth and personal transformation.